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Daniel Evangelista is a New York – based actor whose film and TV credits include The Irishman (where he was able to work alongside his idol, Robert DeNiro), In The Heights, Madame Secretary, Blacklist, and God Friended Me to name a few.  He has worked on over twenty films and his eclectic stage work has ranged from Shakespeare (Julius Caesar), to Checkov (The Seagull), to John Patrick Shanley (A Dreamer Examines his Pillow, Danny and The Deep Blue Sea).  His recent film “Irretrievable” was a finalist in The Rhode Island International Film Festival and at The New York Cinematographer’s Awards.


Daniel’s original acting training began almost immediately after college – at HB Studios in New York – where he worked and studied for several years.  Daniel then continued his studies at the Shakespeare Conservatory at Stella Adler Studios where he worked most notably under Sam Schact (former Dean of the Actor’s Studio).  He continues to pursue his obsessive study of the art at The Lee Strasberg Studio in New York. 


Daniel’s life-long passion for the arts has extended far beyond acting as he has written two published books (one being a limited collection of his poems), done landscape photography in over 20 countries and is a traditionally trained (in both the US and Asia), practicing martial artist for over 30 years.  He credits the origins of these interests mainly to his family (both his mother and grandfather were painters and his maternal uncle was extensively involved in the arts as well).



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